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You are either an established leader or have decided that you want to be a better one. As you grow your business  you will frequently face new challenges. Our Leadership Coaching program effectively and efficiently conveys practical methods for conquering these new challenges.

Finding out more about you and what you hope to accomplish is a conversation that would help us understand whether you would benefit from a coaching relationship.

You will gain more: coaching3

  • Clarity about what you want and what you need to do to get there.
  • Ease and less struggle in working toward your goals.
  • Confidence in taking action – less hesitance and avoidance.
  • Understanding of what works or doesn’t work to get results.
  • Profit
  • Fun and joy in the process of running your business, serving customers and  clients, and earning a profit

Additional results:

  • Build a great team using a more effective leadership style or manner
  • Build leadership bench strength to make succession a real possibility
  • Improve interpersonal or communication skills12669536 - proud smiling businessman standing with his colleagues at office
  • Manage conflict in way that works for you
  • Develop “superstar” workers
  • Create work / life balance
  • Set priorities and improve time management
  • Enhance presentation and networking skills
  • Engage in career development & planning
  • Recognize and implement effective staff development
  • Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being

You are freer to focus on strategic issues.

What coaching looks like:Coaching

1. Begin with an assessment and evaluation of your current skills. A personality style inventory will show you how your personality affects your behavior and impacts others. 

2. 3 forty-five minute individual coaching sessions each month on the phone.

  • We tackle the situations and challenges that confront you day-to-day.
  • You will gain clarity about what the real challenge is so time and energy are not wasted.
  • Once the challenge is clear, the actions you need to take will be clear. You choose what we focus on!

You bring the issues that are a priority for you and we work through them for solutions and actions.

3. Every moment is packed with practical information presented in a fun way. YOU set the agenda and we explore possibilities and opportunities together.

. . when you grow, your company grows!

 Contact Ann for a sample coaching session.  Click here to see How We Work