There are no magic bullets when it comes to attracting and retaining a productive engaged manufacturing workforce. But there is some basic ‘blocking and tackling’ that manufacturing managers should take into account.

In a survey of hourly workers they said that pay is most important to them. On the job, however,  there is not enough money to make someone work hard or stay in a job if they are miserable.  It is said that they will jump company’s for $1 and hour.  When they feel like they’re making a contribution where they are, they are more likely to stay. (Setting wages competitively and fairly from the start is an indicator of how management will treat people in the future – think about it.)

You know the saying, “People don’t leave companies or jobs, they leave managers.”

Organization Culture

The culture of an organization begins at the top, with the Owner or CEO.  If managers feel their leader doesn’t value what they do, tries to squeeze them, keeps them uninformed, or is disrespectful, they are likely to treat their people the same way.

2 Solutions

  1. Leadership Coaching will give you or your managers the insights needed to create great relationships, a productive workplace, and engage workers.  Learn more about it here.
  2. Strategic Growth Program specifically focuses on creating a vision and implementation plan that will connect you with your people in an extraordinary way and create Breakthrough Results. Get the specifics here.


Testimonial: “Ann’s logical and steady approach to situations has become an integrated part of my everyday thinking as a leader of a small manufacturing firm in Connecticut. When it comes to peeling the layers back and truly contributing to real life solutions, Ann has consistently provided guidance while encouraging individuality. Ann’s no nonsense approach, life experiences, and extensive industry knowledge has combined for a truly dynamic skill set, which she is very enthusiastic to share.”Sean Poole, COO Champlin-Packrite Company