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Strategic Planning

Whether you want to have a creative dynamic team, restructure your organization, create a winning culture, inspire your people to commitment and great results, or create more revenue and profits, this program is for you.

You and your team are invited to get clear about how to realize the vision and rewards that you’ve been striving for.

Our Strategic Planning Program for Breakthrough Results will connect you with your people in an extraordinary way. Your customer base will expand. Teams will be more productive. Talented employees will stay.

Results You Can Count On

1. Achieving your priorities

  • Putting a plan in place that steers the company and its leaders in the right direction.
  • Building a stronger, healthier and more profitable business.

2. Attracting the people who are right for your company.

  • Develop a company culture where people want to work.
  • Your employees say that they value their experience in your workplace.
  • Website shows that there is a vision and mission that people are attracted to.

3. Workers wanting to work for you long-term. (A result of a great culture, education, and training)

4. Effectively implementing strategy or any large scale change.
Strategy execution and other large change initiatives will be consistently successful.

5. The performance you want from your team.

  • They have a sense of urgency to achieve the shared vision.
  • A culture of candor of clear, coordinated action is created because people do what they said they would.
  • See consistent, sustainable, measurable, breakthrough results – beyond business as usual and beyond what even you and your team thought possible.

Leaders at all levels, in any circumstance, can choose behaviors combining a drive for achievement while demonstrating emotional intelligence with everyone around them. That combination is the key to truly unprecedented, sustainable results.

The Strategic Growth for Breakthrough Results gives people awareness and choice, that is, a new ability to be aware of their past, automatic reactions to people and events, and then to choose the most appropriate response.

The program literally transforms your ability to generate unprecedented results in sales, earnings and related measures, as well as qualitative breakthroughs in teamwork, employee engagement, and supportive relationships.

The facilitator: our leadership allows you to participate rather than worry about facilitating these meetings, as we ensure that everyone is prepared, actively engaged, and clear about their follow-up responsibilities. We have the skill and flexibility to customize and work around whatever objective you might have – from fun and playful, to business and strategy.

What the Strategic Planning Program involves:

Step-by-step program over 10 months for the Owner, President or CEO and their leadership team.

1. In-depth participant interviews, personality style inventories, 360 feedback survey where appropriate.

2. Offsite workshop to develop a vision, the strategies to achieve it, and engage your people in achieving it.

3. Strategically timed milestone meetings with the CEO and team leaders to ensure lasting momentum.   Important issues are clarified and resolved.

4. End of Year Wrap up and Planning for the next year.

This powerful program allows greater ease, less time, and less stress.

Sign up for a Free Discovery Session  or contact us to find out if this program is for you and your team.