What People Are Saying About Leadership Dynamics

“As an ever learning executive my experience with Leadership Dynamics has been invaluable. Ann’s logical and steady approach to situations has become an integrated part of my everyday thinking as a leader of a small manufacturing firm in Connecticut. When it comes to peeling the layers back and truly contributing to real life solutions, Ann has consistently provided guidance while encouraging individuality. Ann’s no nonsense approach, life experiences, and extensive industry knowledge has combined for a truly dynamic skill set, which she is very enthusiastic to share.” — Sean Poole, COO Champlin-Packrite Company


“I credit Ann with helping me better understand who I am and what makes me tick. Gaining insight into my strengths and weaknesses allowed me to become a better leader to my managers and employees and ultimately was the key to success in building a happy and productive workforce.” — Kelly Eger-Smith, President, American Environmental Consulting Inc. 




“Ann helps me understand the dynamics of the workplace and how to interact with people so things run smoothly. Her survey of my colleagues revealed patterns that enable me to identify areas for improvement. I’ve learned to focus on strategies that move me toward my goals and I have a better comprehension of how to deal with different situations.” — Mike O’Rourke, CPA


“We were able to take our entrepreneurial mindset and ideas and form them into viable business strategies. We set the right vision – one that attracts the right people – one that our people understand, believe and are engaged in. Our growth has been tremendous and we know we can keep it up!”Ben Waldshan, President/CEO Data Warehouse.


“Working with Ann has allowed me to more clearly understand the impact my actions and reactions have on my business partners and employees. I am now focusing more on outcomes with my partners instead of just getting the day-to-day done.”Timothy Hart, CPA, R3 Accounting




“I’m an entrepreneur. I never have a shortage of brilliant ideas! Follow through is my issue. Ann’s real forte is listening and pinpointing my particular issues. She’s heard it all so many times before, and she never tells me what to to do. She listens and guides me to my own conclusions. She puts a mirror on my blind spots and lets me see what is stopping me. With Ann’s coaching I become unstoppable!”Chris Guld, Co-Founder, GeeksOnTour.com


Ann has facilitated five strategic board retreats for me in the past 3 years. Not only did she do a wonderful job facilitating, but each of the strategic plans she created led to the board meeting their goals the next year! I highly recommend Ann. She is also fun to work with!Mark Budwig, President, SMarkGraphics.com



Ann’s approach to simultaneously work with the Board of Directors and management staff has advanced our organization to a new level and our infrastructure is the strongest it’s been in our 22 year history.”Kathy Dunbar, Former Executive Director, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Broward County