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clip_image001Welcome and congratulations on deciding to take the time to read some tips that may help you be the best leader you can be.  Each article will take about 1- 2 minutes to read.

Few things are as costly and disruptive as good people walking out the door. Yet, when I speak with CEO’s
Assertive and Aggressive behaviors are often confused depending on the person, situation, tone of voice, and culture of the organization. 
5 DIFFERENT GENERATIONS IN THE WORKPLACE!  How to cope. by Ann Meacham Today’s managers and leaders have an unprecedented challenge:
Are you working IN the business on day-to-day or operational tasks or ON the business planning and taking action to
As of early August, several new tariffs have been imposed. These could change at any time, but the most significant
Americans are quitting their jobs again. The economy is surging, and companies are hiring rapidly to keep up with demand. 
It is all about conflict, a normal and natural part of our workplace and personal lives. Conflict can be helpful
Addressing and resolving conflicts requires enormous mental and emotional strength, which is why many of us try to avoid it.
 Businesses often look at production, sales, and profit to evaluate their success. It has been shown, however, that the “soft”
Right about the time the Boomers learned to work with Gen Xers, the Millennials started moving into management positions.  Many
The Facts: Low performing employees cost your company money. Leaders can increase the bottom line. Quality talent stays when they
  By Ann Meacham (1st of 2 articles)                        
Adapted from article by Justin Bariso, in Inc.com, 4/27/16  See full article  As Bill Gates himself says: “Everybody needs a
6 More Mistakes You Might be Making  (2 of 2) by Ann Meacham These are behaviors we have all been
The Mistake: Several years ago, some people who work at this company might have accused Frank* of being a micromanager.
Many of the Top 100 Best companies to Work For listed in Fortune Magazine agree that it is not the
Managers Left-Brain Focus This is Why Leaders Get Better Results “Efficiency is the best way to produce great results.” NOPE!
Do your employees seem lazy, moody or resistant to doing what the company needs them to do? Believe it or
Pizza Works Better Than Cash to Motivate Employees Who doesn't love pizza?* That's the question Dan Ariely implies in his
? Does your team generate a steady stream of referrals and growth for your business? ? Is your team working
30% of your workforce is ready to work and needs to be inspired or motivated.50% is chugging along, not really
If you missed the 1st article click here  7. Open up the office. Millennials generally don’t work well under rigid
We live in a world where change is normal. Whatever type of change you are considering, people will feel uneasy
The general consensus is that social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, have created a culture of self-promotion.  Given a
by Ann Meacham Faster delivery and more rapid deployment of solutions. Promoting innovation and growth. This is wonderful news for
By Ann Meacham Have you ever said? 'I wish I hadn't let them get away with that.' or 'Why don't
Thank you to those who commented on my article, “Kindness in Leadership,” a few weeks ago. Now let’s take the
By Ann Meacham “Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.” – Bob
By Ann Meacham One of the most important tasks for a leader is to coach and guide the managers and
  Most of us have found ourselves in a project that is running out of control, costing us money, and