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Reduced revenues are mandating a reduced workforce.  People are asked to do more with less.

Leaders and Managers jobs are more demanding and require special skills to keep their employees engaged and ready to serve their constituents – the community.

Some areas that need to be addressed:

  • Critical thinking in order to know what is most important.
  • Maintaining focus on serving clients, customers, and constituents.
  • Managers understanding their own behavior, that of their employees, and how to help them work together.
  • Dealing with change and new challenges.
  • Seeing solutions to problems as they arise.
  • Keeping their own skills strong and continuing to develop those on their team.
  • Creating and keeping a performance standard that produces great outcomes.
  • Managing the expectations of a Board or elected officials.

To learn more about how our programs can help, see Leadership Coaching and Strategic Planning.

Testimonial: Ann’s approach to simultaneously work with the Board of Directors and management staff has advanced our organization to a new level and our infrastructure is the strongest it’s been in our 22 year history.”Kathy Dunbar, Executive Director, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Broward County