How We Work

Ann @ AWBLDo you want breakthrough business results?

Our proven practical approach creates clarity, focus, alignment, ownership and accountability around what matters most. We show you how to create your desired business outcomes faster than you thought possible.

The key is to Attract your ideal employees, Retain them with a great work environment, and Optimize the use of their talents to achieve the results you want.

Imagine what your organization would accomplish if your teams had collective behaviors and accountability that kept them executing with speed, alignment and proactive recovery.

How Ann works. She:

Starts with listening.  Her unique discovery process explores your needs, wants, goals, challenges, and obstacles to bring clarity and direction.

Succeeds by co-creating your success. She works with you to customize her services in ways that will produce the outcomes you want. She freely shares knowledge, expertise and best practices to support the growth of your business.

Is committed to delivering superior solutions. Her work is inspired and informed by more than 17 years experience. She customizes programs, yet we always begins with a proven foundation of business knowledge, strategies and tools. She stays up-to-date.

Works personally and interactively. Whether she is working with individuals, teams or groups, she gives the people she works with ownership of the process.

Shows you new possibilities and guides you to identify what needs to change, make a plan and follow through.

Supports you in finding creative and effective ways around challenges. She may also point to opportunities you may not even have realized were there, and simple solutions that can be game-changers.

She is positive, supportive and caring.

Create Breakthroughs:

Mobilize others through your leadership presence

Everyone in the organization is on board with the vision, where you are headed and how you will get there. Make it clear what you want to achieve and get your people involved. They can drive the endeavor.

Design a blueprint for long term success

Seeing and designing a clear path forward for your organization. Your energies are focused on profitable outcomes with your priorities in order and actions laid out in defined steps.

Shift from tactical to strategic thinking

Positioning for growth. You make the time to take a macro look at your organization and industry trends. Thinking ahead rather than waiting to react to circumstances positions you to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Create new levels of performance possibilities and competitive advantages.

Being tuned-in to your own behaviors and their effect on others. See ‘in the moment’ what you’re doing or saying and redirect yourself. You can learn to monitor both your thoughts and actions so they can be redirected.

Forge sustainable motivation and accountability

Your team can benefit too.  Everything we talk about easily applies to even the most stubborn managers who have stifled productivity. Watch the atmosphere shift from one of resistance to one of cooperation and accomplishment.

When they see the results, they are inspired.  Knowing that they are counted on as an integral part of the company increases their performance.


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