Our History

A lifetime of experience has proven to me that leadership works. As the executive leader of the community wide Leadership Broward Foundation in South Florida I saw over 1,000 adult and youth graduates of the program gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader. They had hands-on learning about success and failures impacted by leadership techniques.

After 8 years as the Florida principal partner in an international consulting firm, it was a perfect fit for me to create Leadership Dynamics in 2007. Since then I have worked with very small to very large organizations who believe leadership matters.

In many cases I helped strengthen their organization that resulted in amazing new revenues. One even achieved a “Top 100 Places to Work” status.

In my career I’ve work in or with weak leadership teams who were miserable and didn’t know that they were weak.

Results were poor, hope for better performance was in short supply and everyone just kept their head down. People got on with their own jobs as best they could. Although they knew they could do better, both individually and collectively, deep down they were all just marking time until the next job came along.

I also worked in or with many great leadership teams. Teams who defied conventional wisdom about what could be achieved.

Teams who listened to and challenged each other, took on creative projects and took delight in being unreasonable. In these teams, colleagues were stretched beyond what they knew how to do and surprised themselves with what they were capable of. Work was challenging and fun for them and the company reaped the benefit!

At Leadership Dynamics we stand for:

* Honesty and Ethics

* Continuous learning

*Client focus

*Modeling the way

*Thinking forward

*Personal strength – people bringing their full potential and passion to work

*Leadership strength – enabling others to evolve and flourish in response to challenges

What qualifies Leadership Dynamics to work with you:

Because Ann:

  1. Is a trusted strategic partner who listens carefully and gives thoughtful advice.
  2. Knows how to create a winning culture.
  3. Has deep experience in leadership coaching for a wide range of senior leaders.
  4. Creates high-impact outcomes from strategy and business planning.
  5. Provides expert facilitation and team development.
  6. Works at the same level as the talented and experienced members of clients’ leadership teams.

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